I adore this laundry room which doubles as my photography studio. It just worked out that we had a fair amount of space, and who wouldn’t love a large laundry room that I could combine with my studio? I wanted to design the windows to go as low to the countertop as we could, to maximize the light. We ended up with 2 large windows facing north and right adjacent to those, 2 more facing east which brings in a fair amount of daylight- perfect for photography.

So the result was a functional and beautiful space that ticks the boxes for cleaning and hanging shirts and towels but also has the room for storage of my photo props and floor space to create IG flatlays. I designed 2 lower counters for sitting at a sewing machine (on a rare occasion), a laptop ( much more likely) and working with bulbs and plant pots, or even scrapbooking. Wood shelves house my little vases, framed prints, old books, a small collection of glassware, a copper cake plate etc.

Display areas make the room pretty and provide an appeal that cabinet doors do not, though I LOVE how my cabinets turned out. Cumulus Cloud paint by Benjamin Moore….adore.

This is my creative space. I spend mornings here, making things, organizing, dreaming up projects all while listening to the hum of the dryer.

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