fall seasonal touches-decorating for the season

It’s that time of year when the weather turns cooler but our hearts get warmer as we look to seasonal decorating. The nesting habits of autumn and winter have us grabbing sweaters and making more pots of coffee along with scouring the shops for mini pumpkins, colourful synthetic leaves- harvest colours.

We are heading into three seasonal celebrations. Hallowe’en, American Thanksgiving and Christmas so prepping the house or even just the front door is something many of us do to activate the festive feeling. This year, perhaps we won’t have the company arrive to witness our creations, but I encourage you to decorate anyway! It’ll leave you feeling more “normal” and besides does COVID have to take everything away?

So here are a few ideas to get you into the harvest mood.

  1. A wreath on the front door. Such a simple statement, and so easy to make your entry more inviting. Purchase one or make your own. I used to make dogwood wreaths and this is the perfect time of year to snip the branches and intertwine them, forming a circle. Once that its complete, add your embellishments, colourful leaves ( real or artificial) dried berries, ribbon, small pine cones. Some people just place a wide checkered ribbon around the whole wreath, and fasten with a bow at the bottom. Making your door pretty is easy and welcoming.

2. Dress up the front hall. Place pumpkins and gourds of different sizes on the table or the floor. Turn some on their sides and have fun arranging them amongst leaves, table runners and candles. For Canadian Thanksgiving, I placed simple tags on the pumpkins that decorated the dining table. Words such as Peace, Be Thankful, Blessings, Time to Share, and Thanks were placed on my mini pumpkins and I nestled them amongst the other table decore.

3. Bring the inside out. Spill decorations out the front door and onto your front step or landing. Find a small bench ( pretty much any will do) and prop up a sign or a fall blanket on it. Add your elements once again. Find an old metal pail and fill it with pine cones or pumpkins. Set out some colourful garlands of artificial leaves and wind them around the stool or the pumpkins. I’ve seen rakes, bales of hay, tall dried grasses- whatever it takes:)

Have fun with your seasonal decorating. In times of stress, decorating and being creative feeds the soul. Even if you aren’t expecting company this season, just play around for your own sake. It is cathartic and satisfying. Have fun!

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